The Directory of World Cinema: South Korea

South Korean cinema has gained a worldwide popularity in last few decades. Films such as Oldboy, Chaser, and The Host have gained critical acclaim, audience appraisal and have even reached cult status. For many people, Korean films are the first step they take into the world of Asian cinema. While a small number of titles have gained global popularity, there is a lot more excellent Korean cinema to discover and The Directory of World Cinema: South Korea can be your guide.

The book is beautifully printed; color images make it a pleasure to browse through. It starts with an overview of South Korean cinema in the Introduction and a few famous director profiles: Bong Joon-Ho, Hong Sang-Soo, Im Kwon-Taek and Kim-Ki Duk. Film reviews are categorized by theme: Melodrama, Korean New Wave, Period Drama, Queer Cinema, Science Fiction, Horror, etc.

This book is a great resource for film students and anyone studying the topic, but it also approachable for the wider audience of dedicated cinephiles.

A glimpse of South Korean film in video KOFFIA: The History of Korean Cinema

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