9FilmFest and Thai movie month

I have been eager for awhile to review Southeast Asian cinema in my blog. Now it seems to be a perfect time as 9FilmFest 2013, Bangkok short film festival is coming soon.  Therefore month of July will be Thai movie month in my blog and I will try to review as many Thai movies as I can manage. And I will be also updating some news and events form the festival.

9FilmFest background: festival was found in 2011 by Brian Bennett (he is also a founder of Bangkok Film Festival). The special thing about 9FilmFest – it focuses on short movies, 9 minutes or less. Each year it has a signature item (9SI), which has to feature in the short film. This year the item is Waterway – a moving body of water. Water and waterways are so essential to civilizations, all first big cities have been built near rivers. At least this is the first association I see in the theme and it will be interesting to see how contestants will choose to show it.

I personally think short film festivals are great, as it is a chance for young film makers to prove themselves. They still need to go though similar stages as crating full length movie – decide on the idea for film, write a script, get cast and filming crew, scout locations, film it and edit the final product. However they do not as much recourses, as full length features. All famous big time film makers once were youngsters with video camera in their hands expressing their world in the language of film. I enjoyed reading biographies of Ingmar Bergman and David Cronenberg, where they talk extensively about their days of youth and passion for film making. As 9FilmFest say in their website: “The word ‘9’ in Thai is pronounced ‘gow’ which is also a word meaning ‘to step forward’, so this Film Fest is giving talented film-makers the chance to do just that.The number 9 can change someone’s life indeed.”

So this is the third year of festival and it should be biggest event ever. Winners will get a brand new Toyota car. The deadline for submission is August 15th and film makers form all around the world can participate. Festival itself will start September 22nd.

Agne Serpytyte

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