The Top 5 Bolo Yeung Movies

Thanks to his scene-stealing performances in Enter the Dragon and Bloodsport, Bolo Yeung has become one of the most iconic cult move villains of all time, up there with the likes of General Zod and Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Who, as an impressionable young martial arts movie fan, could forget those brutal ‘no look’ beatdowns, those formidable pectoral muscles like two garbage can lids, or that threatening glare he would turn on his foes just before he turned them into a whimpering, limping wreck?

Like many, growing yup I was equally captivated and terrified by the characters of Bolo in Enter the Dragon and Chong Li in Bloodsport, and, in the hope of discovering more Bolo Yeung bad-assery, I would scour every shelf of my local video store to find any VHS tapes with his name on the cover.

Bolo Yeung

Thankfully, aside from these two Hollywood blockbusters, where he starred opposite Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme respectively, the ‘Beast from the East’ also appeared in a raft of legendary Kung Fu flicks in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Despite being typecast as a villain in the vast majority of these films, the ‘Chinese Hercules’ also got the chance – although rarely – to flex his muscle as the hero in films such as Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (1993).

However, despite being a kind and generous family man off-screen, it is the menacing roles that best display Bolo’s formidable talents on-screen, and the following is a list of my favourite Bolo performances.

1. Bloodsport (1988)

In Bloodsport Bolo Yeung’s intimidating stature, intense stare and magnetic screen presence are put to full effect via his menacing portrayal of the defending Kumite champion, Chong Li, who is the foil for Van Damme’s Frank Dux.

Li is genuinely terrifying as the movie’s central villain, savaging, hospitalizing and killing any opponent that dares to enter the ring to take him on.

Although the film is somewhat dated by today’s standards, the fight scenes are still every bit as exciting as they were back in the day, and Bolo’s portrayal of Chong Li, for me, stands out as his finest on-screen performance.

2.    Enter the Dragon (1973)



Enter the Dragon is arguably the finest martial arts film ever made thanks to Bruce Lee’s incredible and iconic performance, however Yeung’s role as Mr Han’s go-to henchman also helps contribute to the film’s legendary status.


He gives an electric performance as Bolo, who indiscriminately snaps necks, arms and legs as if they were bottle tops.


It’s just a shame the big man never gets to fight the master himself, as that would unequivocally have been cinematic gold (at the time Bruce did promise Bolo that he would fight him in Game of Death, but of course he died before they got the chance).


3.    Chinese Hercules (1973)

Although the plot of Chinese Hercules is completely ripped from Bruce Lee’s breakout film The Big Boss (1971), Bolo Yeung’s performance transforms this otherwise routine Chinese boxer flick into cult viewing.

He is at his ass kicking best, arguably performing some of the finest – and most exciting – fight scenes of his prolific career.

Despite being every inch the Hercules figure the movie title suggest, he is lightning quick, and his signature move of crushing his opponent’s heads between his forearms is a joy to behold for any Bolo Yeung fan!


4.    Double Impact (1991)

Three years after the success of Bloodsport, Bolo Yeung and Jean Claude Van Damme replicated their memorable on-screen chemistry once more in 1991’s Double Impact.

And, like Bloodsport, Bolo once again steals the show as Moon, the villainous one-eyed henchman, who is every bit as evil and twisted as he looks.

The film boasts some superb fight scenes, and they’re never more exciting than when the high kicking Belgian goes toe-to-toe with the Beast from the East – martial arts cinema at its best!

5.    Iron Heart (1992)

Iron Heart is certainly never going to win plaudits for the best film of all time – the acting is really cheesy, the score is irritating, the revenge plot is as bland as it gets, and the hero, Britton K. Lee (a cousin of Bruce Lee), is quite forgettable as the main protagonist.

However, Bolo Yeung’s performance – once again as the villain – makes Iron Heart extremely watchable, and he has some entertaining scenes, especially the final fight with Britton Lee, although this climatic battle is a little too one-sided for my liking.

Ultimately Iron Heart is one for Bolo Yeung aficionados only.

Signing Off

So, there we have it, my pick of the best Bolo Yeung films.

Do you agree with this list?

Are there are any films that you think I’ve missed out?

Any other Bolo Yeung memories to share?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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