A Look into China’s basketball – indie documentary on Indiegogo

I come from Lithuania, where basketball is called “the second religion”. Basketball courts are in every block and in summer you can hear the sounds of the game from dawn to dusk. Sports is a very interesting platform for nations to meet – here race, culture, background, country size or GDP does not matter anymore. Any otherwise underdog country can become world news by beating the champion.

Jiàoliàn [Coach] is an independent documentary about basketball in China. Though China is not a major player in the global basketball scene, but the game is gaining more and more popularity in the country. But this docu is not just about the game, it is about the interesting effect of globalization, modernization and inevitable cultural clashes.

Jiàoliàn [Coach] is a feature length documentary about 27 year-old Norman de Silva who overnight was given the head coaching job of the Chinese Basketball Association’s (CBA) Foshan Long Lions. Every year the US outsources more and more low end manufacturing jobs to China,  but an area where China is turning the tables and outsourcing jobs from the U.S. is basketball. (…) Jiàoliàn [Coach] is a story about cultures being bridged through the joy of playing basketball and through the campaign we want to connect to all the basketball fans out there.

You can support the campaign on their Indiegogo page here.


Agne Serpytyte

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