Some of my previous posts were about a short film fest held in Bangkok – the 9FilmFest. I was lucky enough not only to see the action live but hang out behind the scenes for some time before and during the fest. And I can tell – it was truly exciting.

Although fest is two days long, the preparations for such event take long time and become super intense the last week. That is when I got here and spent some time with the organizers. The events for public started on Saturday, September 21s t in Paragon Ciniplex. Eddie Baytos started with the dance and music workshop. Curious people were cruising around. The more courageous ones hopped into action and tried to play the washboard, special Cajun Louisiana instrument. Then Eddie took his dancing shoes out and showed people how to tap dance. After this Doc Penguino showed some cool and funny magic tricks in his show.

September 22nd was THE BIG DAY. Evening started with concert from Eddie Baytos & the Ninz. Then people started gathering. It was something what you see in shows about big film festivals – ladies with beautiful evening gowns and men looking great in tuxedos. All gathered into screening room to see the shorts from finalists. The place was crowded, people sitting on stairs and gathering in the back. Even though the place was overheated (literally and with emotion of anticipation) people stayed until the end – all wanted to know the winner. One after another jury announced the awards. The last one was for the crew of “The Guardian”. This short was about a canal village’s “crazy man”, who is learning to swim wants want to become a lifeguard of the village. He had lost his son to the water and now tries to cope with it and get through the tragedy with this coping method. It was a great short in my opinion, my personal favorite too actually. I really liked the storytelling method and visual appeal. So, this team drove off with brand new Toyota.

9FilmFest gives opportunity for young filmmakers to launch their career. The form of competition not only brings excitement, but also allows the feeling of appreciation and recognition. It goes not only for the winner, but all finalists – their movies were picked from all the others and screened in the cinema. They all were revised by jury of famous actors, directors and critics – not many get this kind of opportunity. I hope that 9FilmFest will grow even bigger and stronger the next year.

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